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Mario hacks may seem like an interesting side note, but they are far more than a tidbit of information about an online community. The Mario streaming community is built around a variety of Mario hacks. The most influential Mario Hack was Kaizo Mario World, created in 2007. In pursuit of going fast, speedrunning communities centered on various titles will optimize routes, discover glitches, and generally break the games they are playing. It features entirely new graphics, original music composed specifically for the game, and very lengthy levels with great difficulty but also learning opportunities.

  • Nintendo cited several advantages for making the N64 cartridge-based.
  • This can be observed from the loading screens that appear in many PlayStation games but are typically non-existent in N64 versions.
  • The cut scenes of some games used graphics generated by the CPU in real-time.
  • ROM carts were much faster than the 2× CD-ROM drives in other consoles that developers could stream data in real-time from them.
  • Primarily cited was the ROM cartridges’ very fast load times in comparison to disc-based games, as contemporary CD-ROM drives rarely had speeds above 4×.
  • Due to the cartridge’s space limitations, full motion video was not usually feasible for use in cut scenes, with the exception of Resident Evil 2.

Anyone could get through the first few levels with a bit of effort. This hack is a love letter to classic platformers like Sonic and Megaman, as you’ll notice from the graphics and gameplay. On the other side of the difficulty spectrum lies K-16 – Story of Steel, a complete transformation of SMW that changes characters, levels, and gameplay to the point where the game is unrecognizable.

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Also known as Coronation Day, this ROM hack is more of a storytelling device rather than a Super Mario game. One of the most well-known hacks in the history of SMW is Item Abuse, a sort of Kaizo-level challenge demanding you to make extensive use of every single item in each level so you can reach the final flag. This hack is also one of the longest, most complete Kaizo-like releases. It comes with consistently good level design and very polished graphics so it’s really fun to play as well.

In addition, with 30 new levels, you also get to pick from 4 characters, each of which presents a change in difficulty based on their abilities. Wario is, however, only recommend for those who want an “unfair” experience. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded.

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That said, even the most fervent fans of the series are bound to want something new after all this time. Exciting missions will be provided to your character which will enable to clear the levels. In the midst of all these things, stockpiling Shine Sprites will be one of our top priorities. A grand total of 120 Shine Sprites and 240 Neo Geo Blue Coins are present in the game.

The only downside to this great-looking hack is its somewhat repetitive level design. But that should only be a problem if you’ve been playing SMW for way too long. If you want to relive the fight against Bowser and his Koopalings, but Mario Maker just isn’t cutting it, then our ranking here covers all the best Super Mario World ROM hacks that you can find online.

Since the project began as an improvement of the vanilla game, the first few levels are pretty standard. This modified version of SMW was made by a Japanese creator only to torture a friend by having them go through the hardest levels they could think of.

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